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26, Wuhantextile university inaugural ceremony was grandly held. CPC hubei provincialparty committee secretary LuoQingQuan, hubei provincial people's governmentLiHongZhong wrote the governor employee of all teachers and students, warmcongratulations and warmest greetings, China's textile industry associationDuYuZhou and CPC hubei party committee member for school ZhangChangEr jointlyapproved. handbags


Wuhan textile university is a has thick textile education historybackground and glorious tradition of university. Its predecessor is built in1958 wuhan textile engineering, as the original textile industry is one ofeight schools affiliated colleges in China, she is the only one in thesouthwest region so characteristic of textile and apparel ordinaryundergraduate colleges. bags


The school has 2 master's degreeauthorization level 1 discipline, 16 master's degree authorization centers, 3engineering field application, 5 hubei characteristic discipline, 10 provincialkey discipline, with 46 undergraduate course, covering the engineering,science, philosophy, literature, management science, economics, law andpedagogy seven discipline class. Schools in 2006 by ministry of education ofundergraduate teaching assessment awarded excellent, for 11 consecutive yearsChina fashion colleges professional ranks top first prize, for 11 consecutiveyears ranked national clothing colleges "new personality", Wholesale bags "education"award comprehensive integral first for the country raises large quantities ofoutstanding talented people. In recent years, the school comprehensive strengthsteadily improved, and achieved by 1 item of national scientific andtechnological progress first prize, second prize 3 items national technicalinventions, 1 item of national teaching achievement prize as a representativeof a large number of major technology and teaching achievements. Schoolcurrently preside over creation of the "China textile technology embeddedcomposite technology innovation alliance", "China ramie leadestablished industrial technology innovation strategy alliance", a seriesof important measures for industry and local economic and social developmentmade a positive contribution. Purses


Festival of wuhanTextile University, carpet racing fly, flagecheerful singing, be permeated with a festive atmosphere in their holiday bestspinning, like a big inoculation already a long time of the flower, gorgeousblossom.


9 when heated renamed in magnificentceremony began in the national anthem. Hubeiprovincial people's government HuangGuoXiong read a vice secretary-general ofthe provincial people's government about Wuhaninstitute of technology was renamed "notice of wuhan textile university. In a warm applause,chairman of the association of Chinese textile industry of Hubeiprovincial committee of CPC DuYuZhou, ZhangChangEr himself for wuhan textile universityinaugural. CPC hubeiparty committee deputy secretary-general WangXianJiu read out LuoQingQuan,LiHongZhong comrade of congratulations. Designerhandbags


Congratulations highly of the Wuhan textileuniversities for over 50 years with the enormous achievements, fully affirmedthe school technological social economic construction and the textile industryto developing the positive contribution. Congratulations hope schools torenamed the opportunity, thoroughly apply the scientific outlook ondevelopment, grasp the pulse of The Times, further emancipate the mind, deepeneducation teaching reform, further develop textile professional characteristicsand advantages, and actively province especially in wuhan city circle ofeconomic and social development, and continuously enhance the comprehensivestrength of the school, and strive for all-round construction of the well-offsociety and realize our province in central region to rise ahead to make newgreater contributions. Leatherhandbags


Wuhan textile university party secretaryShangGang represent all the teachers and students to employees, addresslong-term concern, support and help wuhan textile university construction, thereform and development of all levels of leaders, the social people from allwalks of life at home and overseas alumni to say thank you. He in his speechthat the name of wuhan textile university after, will continue to adhere to thedevelopment road of high level characteristics, set up "modern textile,large textile, Backpacks super textile" idea, constructs the"single lead, multiple total enter" characteristic discipline system,and constantly improve the training quality. Will continue to adhere to theindependent innovation and open teaching road, continuously improve theacademic level and technical strength, active integrate hubei "two lapsarea" strategy, "two type society" construction and east lakenational independent innovation demonstration construction developmentsituation and, accelerating technological achievements into productivity.thustransformation, economic and social development in the service of hubeischool-running practice constantly improve the level. Shoulder bag


Textile industry universityrepresentatives, secretary of the party committee ZhuShaoZhong donghuauniversity in the speech highly of the wuhan textile university teaching ideasand educational achievement, and expressed to strengthen exchanges and cooperationwith good wishes, says the development of wuhan textile university "fordistinct industry background of university development provides learning fromthe transformation of paradigm". Weddingdresses 2011


Hubei filial piety cotton industrial groupPresident of the directors of a limited liability company shall be Ann 28 yearsago graduated from the school, but now he is under the leadership of theenterprise has become outstanding in hubei textile enterprises, are popularizedby this school professor XuWeiLin invented "efficient short-routineembedded composite spinning technology", we will promote production modetransformation. He spoke of his Alma mater, renamed the exhilaration of shows,"the school was renamed wuhantextile after the university, will further enhance the ability of independentinnovation, for enterprises to produce more better great sci-techachievements". Prom dresses2011


China's textile industry association has been very care and attention onthe development of the university, wuhantextile DuYuZhou grow many times to the school for inspection instruction. Hefor wuhan textile university vitalizing the hubei province governmentmanagement, maintain and develop textile clothing school-running features,insist for local and industrial service running practice give highlyappreciate. In his speech he says, "wuhaninstitute of technology, wuhantextile university was renamed our higher education development, is therational regression of an important achievement". In his view, wuhan focuson building a so textile clothing for the characteristic of modern university,will certainly the hubei local economic and social development havefar-reaching and important influence. He said Chinese textile industryassociation will continue to support Wuhantextile college construction and development.


Hubei provincial committee of CPCZhangChangEr said in the speech, wuhan textile university inaugural schools, isdeveloping course landmark event and funerals, but also education career developmentpaper.aiming another rich fruits. He said, hubei is great textile province, isthe national cotton, ramie agricultural products such as important productionbase, the provincial government attaches great importance to the development oftextile clothing, puts forward and vigorously implementing including textileclothing, including six "billion project", we will promote by greattextile province to a strong province. As in southwest only so textilediscipline for backbone, distinctive characteristics of comprehensiveundergraduate colleges, wuhan textile university in the national rejuvenationand development of textile industry, promote the rise of central hubei provinceand invigorating the hubei "strategy can, no matter what happens.


Celebrations in wuhan textile university also

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Karen millen

A few days ago, Shanghai hongqiao apparel export innovationbase, were born. This is the government hopes through innovation to promote thetransformation of Shanghaiforeign trade a program. This article from textile resources, please eachnetizen directly in the browser direct input textile resources view. Karenmillen

Despite the financial crisis haze isgradually dissipate, but in the first half of this year 23,000 textile andclothing export 75.92 billion dollars, Karenmillen although a year-on-year growth 12.15%, can rise far below the sameperiod the export growth averaging 21.35 percentage points, Textile andclothing export occupies whole town export proportion, fall to 9.09% than lastyear, it fell 1.67 percentage points. Karen millen


Apparel export enterprise survivaldifficult, now already is an open secret. The future of Shanghai foreign trade enterprise, where onearth?

Karenmillen dresses

Wandering in a crossroads


A private clothing export enterprisegeneral manager, he was asked if present situation, the textile and clothingexport manager admits, although this year since clothing export ordersincreased, wal-mart and other international buyer's a lot of orders, appeareven orders hair go out of the strange phenomenon. This is becauseinternational buyers price out too low, but now exchange rate fluctuations,higher labor costs, the price hike in raw materials, environmental pressureincreases, etc., Karen millen outletare greatly compressed export enterprise's profit space. Like his ownenterprise last year despite a huge purchase production efficiency higher apparelmachinery, but now the export of net interest rate also only 1% to 2%. Aboutthe future, some of his confusion, think even more diligently, can maintainthree years to 5 years has good, as for the future, predictable result seems tobe the only close go this way. Karen millen


According to the survey, Shanghai currentlyhave import and export performance of more than 30,000 foreign tradeenterprise, the home is little or no have manufacturing functions of foreigntrade enterprise proportion is gradually rise, reason is the production andlabor costs continuous succession. In the 1980s birth and is characterized byindustry &trade combination of industry and trade company, Karenmillen outwear industrial export enterprise, now a great part of has becomepure trading company, like the former Shanghai professional foreign tradecompany as well. Earlier, the reporter visit Shanghai one of famous industrialand trading company, this company controller to inform, past the company hasmore than 20 wholly owned or controlled textile clothing factory, and now has anot remnant. But even so, enterprise operation still was very difficult, lastyear exports net interest rate only 0.7%.dresses forprom

Karen millen

Textile and apparel is always the mostimportant Shanghai foreign trade export of export commodities, which is incategories by financial crisis impact difficult conditions, Shanghai textileexports still reaches last year 152.66 billion, or when the foreign tradeexports 10.76%, for after information communication products of Shanghai'ssecond largest export commodities.

weddingdresses wedding gowns

Textile clothing industry is thetraditional industries, but not the sunset industry, regardless ofinternational and domestic, textile and garment always have the market. But formost of Shanghaiforeign trade enterprise, it is now hovering at crossroads, continue to export,living space more and more small, And path, way and I know not where.

prom outfits

Innovation lit hope


City business committee vice director wangxinpei recently when accepting a reporter to interview that Shanghai as thelargest trade ports and are building international trade center, not lack of"physical" but "brain". He explained, textile and clothingexport, for example, now almost everywhere are tiepai processing, make a littlehard poor "physical" money, Shanghai enterprise cannot do that again,this is not the direction of Shanghai. Shanghaiforeign trade export hope is to rely on "brain" and innovation.


Different in industrial production, listedin the service category foreign trade enterprise, how to innovate away the"physical"?

Karen millen

In pudong, within one office building onHaiXie big international trade limited company general manager LinYuHuaintroduced from foreign trade agency export to ODM (original designmanufacturer) transformation process. The vast majority of domestic and foreigntrade companies, as long as the evangelic company is also a "setter"enterprise, Wholesaleabercrombie namely according to the overseas enterprise give wool knittingdress samples to domestic factory production and exported overseas. Due to alack of core competitiveness, price competition is becoming increasinglyfierce, the company solve urgently outlet problem. At that time, before theevangelic company before there are three roads, one is self-administrationfactory, Karen millen walk &trade integration path, but need more input andexcellent production management of talent, but the evangelic without thisability. 2 it is make foreign trade agency service, but because the risk isvery big and not easy to control, also is denied. 3 it is to become China'sstrongest wool knitting resources integration, the core content is make ODM andfor international buyers to provide design, proofing such extension services. Wholesale hollister

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the excellent dress

Have you wanted to hold a party wedding?This namely fashion and avant-garde planning, and also want to notice somedetails, like the wedding kiss the take a look, I wish you all have perfect andunforgettable fashion wedding! Weddingdresses

Wonderful music ringing, champagne"bang" the sound is opened; it was a specially designed for you agrand wedding. Regardless of gender, age, all guests enjoy wave rise. Thisluxuriant and delicate party wedding appear relaxed and vigor, especiallysuitable for romantic summer's night.

Deadly charm of red, amorous feelings 10thousand kinds of amber, projection on walls, table, floor... Contracted cliquewedding can also luxuriant acme. Weddingdress

Hold a perfect party wedding according tothe first wedding planners set of a theme or draw up a main tone, and then theyshall be handled in accordance with defined theme to choose appropriate dressup, the right wedding sites, the right wedding items, etc. No matter what kindof wedding planning theme, it in the guests invitation indicated in yourroughly style and dress code, good let guests have adequate preparation. Wholesale weddingdresses

Those who suit a party wedding?

1, young fashionable white-collar, jinlingclass. Especially now more and more young people to choice of nonlocal weddingshosted in Shanghai.Because a twinned parents relatives in nonlocal unable to attend, then thewedding guests most is new friend colleagues. Everybody has roughly the samecultural background. Facilitate emotional or the exchange of ideas, plus forwestern etiquette form is more understanding, and party wedding requires6atmosphere can compare compatibility. Quinceaneradresses

2, in terms of costs for, party weddingalthough simple, but from western food prices and site fees, each guest to seethe cost probably in 200 yuan. From spending power point of view, they are alsoacceptable; at the same time for the western-style food style wedding party isalso approval. Cheapwedding dresses

Party wedding basic elements

For it, how to make wedding party for thewedding guests environment, wedding meals satisfaction is tectonic perfectwedding planners, is fundamental to the fundamental. And through the design ofadornment detail is manufacturing wedding romantic feelings of importancechemical element, and can through these clever details make the present guestscan infect the wedding is a new variety of happy people most hope. Prom dresses

1. The candle light foil atmosphere

In the evening bash time, still cannotignore sweet wedding atmosphere nuances, table or bar is placed on a few chiclight decorations, very suitable for wedding night party of the environment.Little candle and vessel raise people mutual reflect, will costly show partyskyline. Bridesmaiddresses

2. Packing elegant small gifts

For the guest's wedding memorial is adelicate small gifts, try joyful candy with a small card together now, on acard can be printed on your photos, still can add some text, such as write yourwedding date, to thank guests, the word content. Cocktaildresses Packing color best conforms to the wedding emotional appeal, pinkis comparative romantic.

3. Sweet wedding cake

The wedding cake is sweet the symbol of thebeginning of the marriage, no matter what form of wedding must prepare a chicwedding cake among the guests to mark the occasion. Wedding cake in party doesnot to gigantic, Eveningdresses colour collocation is harmonious and creative that is more popular,such as fruit cake available profusion colour as a key performance. Celebritydresses

4. A buffet main meal

The main meal dishes conform to the gueststaste is very important. If you are heart has no bottom, can consult the guestsbeforehand the taste of the general preferences, and in the end and dining-roomdetermine dishes when some guests choose more like dishes, if choose isspeciality restaurant, much choose some word-of-mouth specialties can't bewrong. Designerwedding dresses

5. Zealous service waiter

Good service to be able to let guests atany time, let you meet the requirements of the wedding got better evaluation.The waiter for your wedding service is also a member of your wedding, keep yoursmile right, if can make them feel happy couple of heart bottom, even in hiswork, because the atmosphere of the infected and wedding smile.

6. Fashion modeling ornamental design

Flowers are the wedding is one of the mostcompelling props, whether bouquet of flowers or table flowers, can't literallypricked up with, want to consider flowers kinds of colors and shapes of betweencollocation, first-rate harmonious relations with flower artists determine amass-tone communication. Modelling on also with cabinet for beautiful, too bigmodelling can let a person feel wordy. Verawang wedding dresses

Party a wedding planner details - detaildecides success or failure

1. The bride makeup face

Before the ceremony and makeup girl dometiculous communication, inform the general form. Dressers wedding If it wasin outdoor garden grassland held a ceremony, makeup face with elegant naturalprimarily, cannot too whitewash, if night and party, change makeup when astrong some, lip and rouge should tend to warm color attune, eye can also focuseson, but unfavorable with a variety of colour, otherwise, it will show tacky. Weddingdresses

New dress 2.

Due to the wedding couple at the party tooften ambulating, may cause action inconvenience of palace type marriage gauzeor big bad-tail type marriage gauze is suits not quite, concise straight bodyor type A skirt or highlight the small place fishplate lines aesthetic style isfirst selection. The groom dressed in the daytime ceremony can light color isgiven priority to, in the evening party can choose brunet dress.

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lovely dress

And to the annual "big BachelorFestival", online world of Warcraft of song of the water and head ·Bachelor Festival, Wedding dresses sang "the Bachelor" bitter andlonely, this initially in the campus of the rise of the get strange jokeFestival, in recent years become a Bachelor who "unspoken" Festival,in fact, it is not declared, each day, Cocktail dresses there are a lot of people want to"undress", this year the Chengdu hoodlum who would jump to what newsingle family? at least 400 people today in hand "undress" "thisyear is very popular, like do not understand why. "Evening dresses Chengduwedding Association Mont Ting yesterday (10), smiled and told reporters thatthe first two years of the Bachelor Festival because it is a weekend, marriedpeople, this is normal, but this year in the usual working hours can achievepraised, is really unexpected. According to the wedding industry associationsfrom the hotel, Bridesmaid dresses wedding planning company initial statisticaldata, today into the Wedding Hall of "bachelor" at least 200 pairs."We think people are more likely to also check out the previous data, butbecause the first two years of the day is this weekend, no registration, Prom dresses so there is no way to predict how many new peopleto come to the registration of marriage. "Chenghua District Civil AffairsBureau Social Affairs Liu huifen, considering that a single person may takeadvantage of the time of the day Bachelor Festival farewell Bachelor, marriageregistry handling conditions and capacity is adequate, the time will soon, allthe new people can do with that, with the Office. Weddingdress


  Will todayinto the Wedding Hall's new Mr. Huang and Miss Hu said that on 11 November 4"1" represents "-minded, my life," has a specialsignificance. Designerwedding dresses"Then inadvertently discoveredthat day happens to be the Bachelor Festival, it is fun.”Carnival is lonely andspent according to the usual real fifth national census results, Celebrity dresses male and female sex ratio at birth is 116.9:100. It is projected that by 2020, China is at the age of men morethan women 3000 million to 40 million. More and more old young women and men,the growing pressure of urban life, perhaps the "emerging" Festivalfrom University and popular social causes. Quinceaneradresses


  BachelorFestival, single women and men's event also came to be a single person toescape the lonely revelry and looking for an excuse? "Non-Bachelor"on their own successful escape single celebration? Mermaid wedding dresses What state of mind to face up to theFestival and how to spend? the Bachelor Festival story: Sun are you going to doa Bachelor Festival "," the Bachelor: Rob floors up into fate myself"... In the network section on post already live, Cheapwedding dresses call friends party became thechoice of many people. Restaurants, bars, etc. also seize businessopportunities, single party, masquerade, and blind party ... A variety ofadvertising and has flying. Nine-hole bridge a bar manager says, isintensifying its preparation and Bachelor Festival of dance and songs forsingle men and women that do not feel lonely. More young men and women choosethe day and the same single friends together to eat, sing. Weddingdresses

  Ready totake the day off single alone, of course, there are dissenting voices. Engagedin media work of Mr. Liu to scoff: "just a formality, and many festivalslike anything special significance.”Perhaps, Bachelor Festival of mainstream isnot live. Really lonely will only spend another Bachelor as usual. Wholesalewedding dresses


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