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And to the annual "big BachelorFestival", online world of Warcraft of song of the water and head ·Bachelor Festival, Wedding dresses sang "the Bachelor" bitter andlonely, this initially in the campus of the rise of the get strange jokeFestival, in recent years become a Bachelor who "unspoken" Festival,in fact, it is not declared, each day, Cocktail dresses there are a lot of people want to"undress", this year the Chengdu hoodlum who would jump to what newsingle family? at least 400 people today in hand "undress" "thisyear is very popular, like do not understand why. "Evening dresses Chengduwedding Association Mont Ting yesterday (10), smiled and told reporters thatthe first two years of the Bachelor Festival because it is a weekend, marriedpeople, this is normal, but this year in the usual working hours can achievepraised, is really unexpected. According to the wedding industry associationsfrom the hotel, Bridesmaid dresses wedding planning company initial statisticaldata, today into the Wedding Hall of "bachelor" at least 200 pairs."We think people are more likely to also check out the previous data, butbecause the first two years of the day is this weekend, no registration, Prom dresses so there is no way to predict how many new peopleto come to the registration of marriage. "Chenghua District Civil AffairsBureau Social Affairs Liu huifen, considering that a single person may takeadvantage of the time of the day Bachelor Festival farewell Bachelor, marriageregistry handling conditions and capacity is adequate, the time will soon, allthe new people can do with that, with the Office. Weddingdress


  Will todayinto the Wedding Hall's new Mr. Huang and Miss Hu said that on 11 November 4"1" represents "-minded, my life," has a specialsignificance. Designerwedding dresses"Then inadvertently discoveredthat day happens to be the Bachelor Festival, it is fun.”Carnival is lonely andspent according to the usual real fifth national census results, Celebrity dresses male and female sex ratio at birth is 116.9:100. It is projected that by 2020, China is at the age of men morethan women 3000 million to 40 million. More and more old young women and men,the growing pressure of urban life, perhaps the "emerging" Festivalfrom University and popular social causes. Quinceaneradresses


  BachelorFestival, single women and men's event also came to be a single person toescape the lonely revelry and looking for an excuse? "Non-Bachelor"on their own successful escape single celebration? Mermaid wedding dresses What state of mind to face up to theFestival and how to spend? the Bachelor Festival story: Sun are you going to doa Bachelor Festival "," the Bachelor: Rob floors up into fate myself"... In the network section on post already live, Cheapwedding dresses call friends party became thechoice of many people. Restaurants, bars, etc. also seize businessopportunities, single party, masquerade, and blind party ... A variety ofadvertising and has flying. Nine-hole bridge a bar manager says, isintensifying its preparation and Bachelor Festival of dance and songs forsingle men and women that do not feel lonely. More young men and women choosethe day and the same single friends together to eat, sing. Weddingdresses

  Ready totake the day off single alone, of course, there are dissenting voices. Engagedin media work of Mr. Liu to scoff: "just a formality, and many festivalslike anything special significance.”Perhaps, Bachelor Festival of mainstream isnot live. Really lonely will only spend another Bachelor as usual. Wholesalewedding dresses


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