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A few days ago, Shanghai hongqiao apparel export innovationbase, were born. This is the government hopes through innovation to promote thetransformation of Shanghaiforeign trade a program. This article from textile resources, please eachnetizen directly in the browser direct input textile resources view. Karenmillen

Despite the financial crisis haze isgradually dissipate, but in the first half of this year 23,000 textile andclothing export 75.92 billion dollars, Karenmillen although a year-on-year growth 12.15%, can rise far below the sameperiod the export growth averaging 21.35 percentage points, Textile andclothing export occupies whole town export proportion, fall to 9.09% than lastyear, it fell 1.67 percentage points. Karen millen


Apparel export enterprise survivaldifficult, now already is an open secret. The future of Shanghai foreign trade enterprise, where onearth?

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Wandering in a crossroads


A private clothing export enterprisegeneral manager, he was asked if present situation, the textile and clothingexport manager admits, although this year since clothing export ordersincreased, wal-mart and other international buyer's a lot of orders, appeareven orders hair go out of the strange phenomenon. This is becauseinternational buyers price out too low, but now exchange rate fluctuations,higher labor costs, the price hike in raw materials, environmental pressureincreases, etc., Karen millen outletare greatly compressed export enterprise's profit space. Like his ownenterprise last year despite a huge purchase production efficiency higher apparelmachinery, but now the export of net interest rate also only 1% to 2%. Aboutthe future, some of his confusion, think even more diligently, can maintainthree years to 5 years has good, as for the future, predictable result seems tobe the only close go this way. Karen millen


According to the survey, Shanghai currentlyhave import and export performance of more than 30,000 foreign tradeenterprise, the home is little or no have manufacturing functions of foreigntrade enterprise proportion is gradually rise, reason is the production andlabor costs continuous succession. In the 1980s birth and is characterized byindustry &trade combination of industry and trade company, Karenmillen outwear industrial export enterprise, now a great part of has becomepure trading company, like the former Shanghai professional foreign tradecompany as well. Earlier, the reporter visit Shanghai one of famous industrialand trading company, this company controller to inform, past the company hasmore than 20 wholly owned or controlled textile clothing factory, and now has anot remnant. But even so, enterprise operation still was very difficult, lastyear exports net interest rate only 0.7%.dresses forprom

Karen millen

Textile and apparel is always the mostimportant Shanghai foreign trade export of export commodities, which is incategories by financial crisis impact difficult conditions, Shanghai textileexports still reaches last year 152.66 billion, or when the foreign tradeexports 10.76%, for after information communication products of Shanghai'ssecond largest export commodities.

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Textile clothing industry is thetraditional industries, but not the sunset industry, regardless ofinternational and domestic, textile and garment always have the market. But formost of Shanghaiforeign trade enterprise, it is now hovering at crossroads, continue to export,living space more and more small, And path, way and I know not where.

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Innovation lit hope


City business committee vice director wangxinpei recently when accepting a reporter to interview that Shanghai as thelargest trade ports and are building international trade center, not lack of"physical" but "brain". He explained, textile and clothingexport, for example, now almost everywhere are tiepai processing, make a littlehard poor "physical" money, Shanghai enterprise cannot do that again,this is not the direction of Shanghai. Shanghaiforeign trade export hope is to rely on "brain" and innovation.


Different in industrial production, listedin the service category foreign trade enterprise, how to innovate away the"physical"?

Karen millen

In pudong, within one office building onHaiXie big international trade limited company general manager LinYuHuaintroduced from foreign trade agency export to ODM (original designmanufacturer) transformation process. The vast majority of domestic and foreigntrade companies, as long as the evangelic company is also a "setter"enterprise, Wholesaleabercrombie namely according to the overseas enterprise give wool knittingdress samples to domestic factory production and exported overseas. Due to alack of core competitiveness, price competition is becoming increasinglyfierce, the company solve urgently outlet problem. At that time, before theevangelic company before there are three roads, one is self-administrationfactory, Karen millen walk &trade integration path, but need more input andexcellent production management of talent, but the evangelic without thisability. 2 it is make foreign trade agency service, but because the risk isvery big and not easy to control, also is denied. 3 it is to become China'sstrongest wool knitting resources integration, the core content is make ODM andfor international buyers to provide design, proofing such extension services. Wholesale hollister

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