26, Wuhantextile university inaugural ceremony was grandly held. CPC hubei provincialparty committee secretary LuoQingQuan, hubei provincial people's governmentLiHongZhong wrote the governor employee of all teachers and students, warmcongratulations and warmest greetings, China's textile industry associationDuYuZhou and CPC hubei party committee member for school ZhangChangEr jointlyapproved. handbags


Wuhan textile university is a has thick textile education historybackground and glorious tradition of university. Its predecessor is built in1958 wuhan textile engineering, as the original textile industry is one ofeight schools affiliated colleges in China, she is the only one in thesouthwest region so characteristic of textile and apparel ordinaryundergraduate colleges. bags


The school has 2 master's degreeauthorization level 1 discipline, 16 master's degree authorization centers, 3engineering field application, 5 hubei characteristic discipline, 10 provincialkey discipline, with 46 undergraduate course, covering the engineering,science, philosophy, literature, management science, economics, law andpedagogy seven discipline class. Schools in 2006 by ministry of education ofundergraduate teaching assessment awarded excellent, for 11 consecutive yearsChina fashion colleges professional ranks top first prize, for 11 consecutiveyears ranked national clothing colleges "new personality", Wholesale bags "education"award comprehensive integral first for the country raises large quantities ofoutstanding talented people. In recent years, the school comprehensive strengthsteadily improved, and achieved by 1 item of national scientific andtechnological progress first prize, second prize 3 items national technicalinventions, 1 item of national teaching achievement prize as a representativeof a large number of major technology and teaching achievements. Schoolcurrently preside over creation of the "China textile technology embeddedcomposite technology innovation alliance", "China ramie leadestablished industrial technology innovation strategy alliance", a seriesof important measures for industry and local economic and social developmentmade a positive contribution. Purses


Festival of wuhanTextile University, carpet racing fly, flagecheerful singing, be permeated with a festive atmosphere in their holiday bestspinning, like a big inoculation already a long time of the flower, gorgeousblossom.


9 when heated renamed in magnificentceremony began in the national anthem. Hubeiprovincial people's government HuangGuoXiong read a vice secretary-general ofthe provincial people's government about Wuhaninstitute of technology was renamed "notice of wuhan textile university. In a warm applause,chairman of the association of Chinese textile industry of Hubeiprovincial committee of CPC DuYuZhou, ZhangChangEr himself for wuhan textile universityinaugural. CPC hubeiparty committee deputy secretary-general WangXianJiu read out LuoQingQuan,LiHongZhong comrade of congratulations. Designerhandbags


Congratulations highly of the Wuhan textileuniversities for over 50 years with the enormous achievements, fully affirmedthe school technological social economic construction and the textile industryto developing the positive contribution. Congratulations hope schools torenamed the opportunity, thoroughly apply the scientific outlook ondevelopment, grasp the pulse of The Times, further emancipate the mind, deepeneducation teaching reform, further develop textile professional characteristicsand advantages, and actively province especially in wuhan city circle ofeconomic and social development, and continuously enhance the comprehensivestrength of the school, and strive for all-round construction of the well-offsociety and realize our province in central region to rise ahead to make newgreater contributions. Leatherhandbags


Wuhan textile university party secretaryShangGang represent all the teachers and students to employees, addresslong-term concern, support and help wuhan textile university construction, thereform and development of all levels of leaders, the social people from allwalks of life at home and overseas alumni to say thank you. He in his speechthat the name of wuhan textile university after, will continue to adhere to thedevelopment road of high level characteristics, set up "modern textile,large textile, Backpacks super textile" idea, constructs the"single lead, multiple total enter" characteristic discipline system,and constantly improve the training quality. Will continue to adhere to theindependent innovation and open teaching road, continuously improve theacademic level and technical strength, active integrate hubei "two lapsarea" strategy, "two type society" construction and east lakenational independent innovation demonstration construction developmentsituation and, accelerating technological achievements into productivity.thustransformation, economic and social development in the service of hubeischool-running practice constantly improve the level. Shoulder bag


Textile industry universityrepresentatives, secretary of the party committee ZhuShaoZhong donghuauniversity in the speech highly of the wuhan textile university teaching ideasand educational achievement, and expressed to strengthen exchanges and cooperationwith good wishes, says the development of wuhan textile university "fordistinct industry background of university development provides learning fromthe transformation of paradigm". Weddingdresses 2011


Hubei filial piety cotton industrial groupPresident of the directors of a limited liability company shall be Ann 28 yearsago graduated from the school, but now he is under the leadership of theenterprise has become outstanding in hubei textile enterprises, are popularizedby this school professor XuWeiLin invented "efficient short-routineembedded composite spinning technology", we will promote production modetransformation. He spoke of his Alma mater, renamed the exhilaration of shows,"the school was renamed wuhantextile after the university, will further enhance the ability of independentinnovation, for enterprises to produce more better great sci-techachievements". Prom dresses2011


China's textile industry association has been very care and attention onthe development of the university, wuhantextile DuYuZhou grow many times to the school for inspection instruction. Hefor wuhan textile university vitalizing the hubei province governmentmanagement, maintain and develop textile clothing school-running features,insist for local and industrial service running practice give highlyappreciate. In his speech he says, "wuhaninstitute of technology, wuhantextile university was renamed our higher education development, is therational regression of an important achievement". In his view, wuhan focuson building a so textile clothing for the characteristic of modern university,will certainly the hubei local economic and social development havefar-reaching and important influence. He said Chinese textile industryassociation will continue to support Wuhantextile college construction and development.


Hubei provincial committee of CPCZhangChangEr said in the speech, wuhan textile university inaugural schools, isdeveloping course landmark event and funerals, but also education career developmentpaper.aiming another rich fruits. He said, hubei is great textile province, isthe national cotton, ramie agricultural products such as important productionbase, the provincial government attaches great importance to the development oftextile clothing, puts forward and vigorously implementing including textileclothing, including six "billion project", we will promote by greattextile province to a strong province. As in southwest only so textilediscipline for backbone, distinctive characteristics of comprehensiveundergraduate colleges, wuhan textile university in the national rejuvenationand development of textile industry, promote the rise of central hubei provinceand invigorating the hubei "strategy can, no matter what happens.


Celebrations in wuhan textile university also

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